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    Rotoli per ortofrutta Rolls for fruit &  vegetables
    Sacchetti Neutri Neutrals
    Sacchetti per Raccolta Differenziata Recycling bags
    Sacchi Industriali Industrial


Rolls for fruit & vegetables

The food bags are always bio-compostable, versatile and useful.
Suitable for the fruit and vegetables removal and useful for the collection of wet waste organic.
Sacchetti per AlimentiRotoli per ortofrutta


Neutrals bags

The shapes and the resistance of the product make it extremely versatile to each use.
More details in the special section.

Sacchetti neutriSacchetti neutri per imballaggio


Recycling bags

Classic and comfortable bags for recycling.
Separate by color and written, which indicates the use.

Sacchetti per raccolta differenziataSacchetti per raccolta differenziataSacchetti per raccolta differenziata


Industrial bags

Oversized bags, super-strong, to industries and businesses.
We also provide bags for other use.

Sacchetti Industriali
Rolls for fruit & vegetables
This product can be used for many purposes, mainly in the departments fruits and vegetables in supermarkets.
They are great for storing and transporting vegetables. Also they may be used for the collection of wet waste organic.
Comfortable and durable materials are composed exclusively of bio-compostable.
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