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We carefully looking considering that we company has established close working relationships with the Department of Chemistry,University of Calabria. We are studying new solutions for the sustainable sourcing of raw materials. These studies allow us to focus our attention on the development of the green economy.


Currently working with the NATIONAL PON project research and development, to research and improve new sustainable materials found in nature in order to reduce environmental impact. We well known that plastics are a major contributor of global pollution. The Filadel decided for years to give up the plastics, albeit highly affordable on the market, to follow European standards and provide only bio-degradable materials. A decision at the expense of cost-effectiveness, but also a qualitative value added that we hope will be appreciated by our customers.

You can consult the documentation related to the certifications by 'company. And 'our interest in research techniques and methodologies always all' vanguard for better results.

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Filadel, within its production process, using quality materials purchased from leading companies in the field such as BIO BIOTEC Biologische Naturverpackungen GmbH & amp; Co. - FKUR Kunststiff GmbH - SOURCE INKS, all materials certified with the "VINCOTTE" according to standard EN 13432 EUROPEAN.
We have gained the certification "OK COMPOST" of Vincotte based Vilvoord - Belgium, provider worldwide of more than 130 services, specialized inspection, monitoring and certification in a wide range of applications.
Since 2003, Filadel began operations with the production of shopping bags for supermarkets. Since 2009 we has developed a study for the production of biodegradable and compostable shoppers, making appropriate changes to 'manufacturing facility has achieved excellent results. Today is one of the suppliers of biodegradable and compostable shopping bags for supermarkets nationwide.


In the year 2014, the FILADEL SRL now integrated in the national context for the mass distribution of shoppers biodegradable and compostable, for increased guarantees on safety and all the prerequisites of quality demanded by customers, has been certified "HIGH - PERFORMANCE - BAG UNI 11415: 2011.


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